Intercultural Trainer & Leadership Coach

Cornelia Asanger-Lexa

Your Trustworthy Partner in Change Situations and during International Assignments

Coaching Program: Individuals

Is this you?

Are there current challenges …
… you’d like to tackle with a trained view from the outside and honest feedback to open up new perspectives and create space for solutions?

Are you an Executive …
… who wants to exchange ideas with a sparring partner?

Are you a Top Talent … 
… in an international context who wants to work with a coach to thrive in your environment?

Curious about what a tailored
solution would look like for you?

Coaching Program: Teams

Is this your Organisation?

Is your team …
… experiencing conflict, or has some communication issues?

Are you having …
… a new manager taking over a team for the first time?

Are you looking …
… for a trainer for your multinational team?

Curious about what a tailored solution
would look like for your team?

Coaching Program: Expatriation

Are you an Expat Living Abroad?

Are you looking …
…for an advisor for you and your accompanying partner, including Parenting Support for your TCKs?

Have you reached a point …
…where you believe you can no longer progress on your own – in your professional environment, in your relationships, in your personal development?

You want to bounce ideas …
…with someone who supports you and at the same time challenges you to find new perspectives, gives you decisive impulses, and accompanies you in the knowledge that the solution is in you?

Curious about what a tailored
solution would look like for you?

Coaching Program: Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management

My mission in an international context is to empower my clients to thrive abroad by embracing diversity! I specialize in working with international people, people who consider themselves as citizens of the world and who make home in more than one place.

Coaching Program: Global Parenting

Global Parenting

Do you feel …
… with each move, you have one foot here, one foot there or life feels messy?

Are you struggling …
… to pinpoint what’s holding you back from parenting abroad to your fullest when change is a constant?

Do you want …
… to discover tools to effectively parent and raise happy and successful global citizens?

Curious about what we can do for you?

You feel stuck or off-track?


Then I’m here


… for you to unleash your dream to become your true self and the courageous one you long to be.


My clients come to me for all sorts of reasons but they leave with four results:

✅ they are more confident,

✅ they have more courage,

✅ they have more clarity and

✅ more freedom.

Usually – if they are individual clients – they have the freedom to go off to what they really, really want.

Usually – if they are corporations – we have built a much more engaging company culture and what that looks like for you depends.

Get in touch!


I have a strong executive coaching and training background, built around more than 25 years’ experience as a Talent Management Consultant, HR Business Partner, and Leadership Coach. I have +10,000 hours of experience in leadership development combined with +3,000 hours of coaching experience with senior leaders from more than 35 different countries.

Key projects in my career include management & leadership development, performance management, and high potential coaching. My experience includes coaching new managers as well as senior managers and executives from the C-Suite in leadership skills such as change management, effective communication, self-confidence, networking, time management, people development, and conflict resolution.

I am a certified professional Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator holding several additional certifications in Leadership, Team & Group Coaching, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and Parenting specifications.

This and my moves over the last 15 years across Europe while raising our three active daughters as third-culture-kids (TCKs) helps me to understand the challenges of being abroad and recognize the on-going journey of balancing the multiple roles we all play in our lives, without losing sight of our own needs and dreams.

I conduct my sessions both face-to-face as well as remotely (Skype, ZOOM, or phone) since the beginning of my career.

Together with client organizations, I am increasingly engaged in exploring how virtual coaching offers new possibilities as well as challenges in terms of creating trusting relationships, and how remote coaching can be particularly conducive to creating a safe and containing relationship, enabling the coachee to do powerful role-related work blended with a personal emotional exploration of identity, meaning, and motivation.

I offer a wide variety of services, customized and bespoke for each client. I create a tailored system for your authentic, sustainable, and long-lasting transformation.


  • 1:1 Coaching (virtual and in-person)
  • Team Development
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Workshops
  • Facilitation
  • Consulting

Next to your budget, time constraints, and geographical restrictions, I factor in a tailored plan for you, while always keeping an eye on the return on investment and the sustainability of the measure.

What clients say?

How you supported and kept it real and made me work hard to reach my realisations and make things happen by never giving up. I like your style. And thank you for being authentic and fun.

Riikka Vartiainen

Cornelia is a Highly Proficient and great coach. I was always satisfied and felt very well after our discussions. She gave me a lot of energy, motivation and positive thoughts. I believe she has a capacity to understand your needs very quickly, to direct the discussion in the right way and help you in finding the answers that you need. She gives you challenging task to practice, but she provide also a lot of support and motivation.

Natalia Plugaru

Cornelia was instrumental in helping me navigate leadership challenges I was facing. She was an amazing thought partner to me as I evolved my understanding of my leadership potential.

Jane Cook


My sincerest thanks for all your support over the past 2 years. I really enjoyed our sessions and gained skills and tools that I will use for the rest of my career.
Both my husband and colleagues have heard me start many sentences with ‘my coach told me…….’
You are clearly passionate about what you do and I always felt warmth and genuine interest from you when we spoke, which means I probably spoke way too much and you got to learn about every detail of my life. I also forgive you for never telling me what to do even though I tried hard to get explicit instructions from you.

Amy Adamson,

Director Commercial Excellence at Johnson & Johnson

You are not good enough,

You are better!