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Hello, my name is Cornelia. I am an Intercultural Specialist and certified professional Expat and Transition Coach and hold several other certifications such as Parenting, Leadership and Group Coaching specifications. My mission is to empower my clients to thrive abroad by embracing diversity! I specialize in working with international people, people who consider themselves as citizens of the world and who make home in more than one place. And the bonus is: I am an Expat myself.


“Strength Lies in Differences.
Not in Similarities.”


I work with international companies to successfully navigate cultural diversity in the workplace by embracing differences and seeing multicultural teams as an asset, not a liability! Diverse teams are more productive and can perform better and yet need to overcome different working styles and languages.



My 15+ years as an international Finance and Senior HR leader for a range of sectors and industries - such as global banks, strategic and IT consultancies including Roland Berger and FJA - my moves over the last 10+ across Europe and as a mother of three active daughters helps me to understand the challenges of being abroad and recognize the on-going journey of balancing the multiple roles we all play in our lives, without losing sight of our own needs and dreams.


Based on the people I have worked with - and even my own personal experience – I totally get it: Expat life is great, it has its advantages and it is also not always easy. I can help you to get clear on what you REALLY want so you can make the most of your life abroad.


If you are looking for a plan to get unstuck, you have come to the right place.


Ready for a change to bring
out the best of you?
I’m here to help!


Don’t miss out as I have made enough mistakes for a lot of us.